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Registration is well underway for the 2017-18 school year and must be completed by August 1st. Please take a moment to register your student(s) by going to http://artcity.nebo.edu/registration.  All registration is to be done online this year.  If you prefer to do this at the school, Chrome Books will be available from 8 am - 4 pm on August 1st for your convenience. The donation can be paid online, over the phone or in the office by card, cash or check. Please call our office if you have any questions. 

The Crystal Apple Award Goes to Cristy Bird

Written by Katie Shumway

The Chrystal Apple Award was awarded to Cristy Bird, sixth-grade teacher at Art City Elementary school.  This is what her team said about her:  "I am not surprised at all that Cristy won the Crystal Apple Award. In fact, it should be called the “Cristy” Apple Award because Cristy exemplifies all the attributes necessary to deserve the reward.

Moms Plus Muffins Equals Math for Third-Grade


Moms had the opportunity to come to their student's third-grade classes for some muffins and math time at Art City Elementary school on Friday, May 12, 2017.  Moms' and muffins is an opportunity for moms to come to the school and do some math with their students or for the students to show how well they know their math.  Thank you Moms for taking time out of your busy schedule. 

Art City Students Stand Strong


An Art City student is respectful, responsible and safe.  Teachers at Art City are watching for students who exemplify these traits each month.  Aprils Stand Strong students are as follows: Lucas, Madelyn, Brianna, Megan, Caroline, Ryder, Lexi, Grace, Emi, Kendall, Thomas and Carter. 

Art City April Students of the Month


Art City students of the month for April are as follows: Megan Gwilliam, Gracie Groneman, Emme Trunnell, Sydney Hardy, Aidyn Canfield, David Jones, Lily Hyde, Kaylee Elzinga, Anna Smith, Tehani Cromer, Sefo Godkin, Willie Carter, Rozlyn Robertson, Violet Brown, Analisa Elzinga, Kaisen Fausett, Megan Rawle, Ella Park, Gwen Jonston, and Katelyn Rawley.

Mrs. Morgan and Her Kindergarten has a Crowded Tub

Poem by Shel Selverstein

Mrs. Morgan's Kindergarten class learned the Poem "Crowded Tub" then had the opportunity to draw a self portrait to represent themselves in the "Crowded Tub".  "There are too many kids in the tub, There are too many Elbows to scrub, I just washed a knee, Whose could it be? There are too many kids in this tub! By Shel Silverstein.