Art City Kindergarten is Going to Pumpkinland

Please remember the Kindergarten classes will all be going on a field trip on Thursday October 8th.  All students (AM and PM) please arrive at school at 8:30 and we will return by 11:05.  We will be going to Pumpkinland at Vineyard.  If students would like to purchase a pumpkin, they can for $1.50.

"We have a Pumpkin Patch, Displays, Corn Maze, Playgrounds, A Light-Alley (non-spooky spook alley), inflatable slides and jump houses, animals, picture boards, pumpkin decorating contests, harvest supplies, decorations and much more!"

Reflections Due Oct 2 (and Oct. 5)


Teachers, students, parents and even the Principal, Mrs. Lori Nielsen; participated in a skit to get students excited and to help them know and understand what mediums that they can do for Reflections; Dance, Film, Literature, Photography, Music Composition, and Visual Arts.  Students pick-up forms outside of the office and make sure the form is attatched to their project that they turn in.  The dead line is Friday, October 2nd, if students need a little extra time the last day to turn projects in is October 5th. 

Student Body Officer Elections Week At Art City


Students go through quite a process to get to this point of Student Body Officer elections.  First they receive a nomination in thier class, then they have to fill out an application and write an essay telling why they would make a good officer.  The students also have to be willing to do service for the school as well as the community once they are on the Student Council.  Good luck everyone with the elections. 

Cougar Strong--BYU Atheletes Visit Art City Fourth-Grade

Tuesday September 22, 2015 BYU Athletes visited Art City Elementary fourth-grade students recruiting the girls and boys to be Cougar Strong for life.  "While not everyone can be a collegiate athlete, everyone can be Cougar Strong".  The points that were shared are as follows:  Cougars are:
--Physically strong

  1. Always exercise-Get proper nutrition and rest
  2. Practice weight management
  3. Avoid harmful and addictive substances

--Mentally strong

Welcome To Art City Sarah Freeman


Hi my name is Sarah Freeman. I graduated from Brigham Young University. This is my first year of teaching, I'm so excited to be teaching sixth grade! I was born in Delaware, but grew up in Herndon, Virginia, about 20 miles outside of Washington D.C. I now live in Provo. I am the oldest in my family. I have three younger sisters who are 20, 18, and 15. My 20 year old sister is engaged, so we will have a brother-in-law joining our family of girls in December!

Crazy Hair Day

To Remember to wear our helmets we had "Crazy Hair Day" at Art City.  It doen't matter what our hair looks like as long as our heads are kept safe. Mrs. Nielsen and Mr. Warner even joined in the fun of having "Crazy Hair" 

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