September Students of the Month at Art City

Picture by Katie Shumway

September Students of the Month have been recognized for going above and beyond school expectations.  These students have also demonstrated "Stand Strong" behaviors which are: Safe, Respectful, Responsible.

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Art City Students in Ms. Larsen's class show they are Safe, Respectful and Responsible by the choices they make every day while in school.  They earned ten Eagle Bucks and redeemed them for their picture with friends on the school website!

Art City Fifth Grade Visits Springvilles Power Plant

Pictures by Makayla Thomas and Ann Makin

Art City Elementary fifth graders were treated to a fun and informative field trip at the Springville Power Department.  They learned electrical saftey while they watched hotdogs, pickles and grapes get zapped. They were amazed at the size of the electrical generators that run our city and then were able to do some hands on electricity experiments.  The Springville Power Department treated the students to cookies and lemonade before they departed.  A big thanks to Springville City!

Mrs.Roxanne Shumway, School Counselor's, Quote of the Week


When walking through the halls and you find yourself at the end of the Kindergarten hall, pause for a moment and read the quote of the week that Mrs.Roxanne Shumway, School Counselor, posts weekly.  Last week's post was, "I haven't failed.  I've just found ten thousand ways that don't work." Thomas Edison Previous quotes this year include the following: "It's not about being the best.  Its about being better than you were yesterday" "If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere."  Frank A. Clark #artcityeagles #artcityelementary #awesomeeagles