September 2019

Art City Welcomes Our Counselor Terri Jensen

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Mrs. Jensen grew up and attended school in Logan, Utah.  She went to University of Southern Utah and Brigham Young University.  She now lives in Lakeshore, Utah with her husband and three sons. Mrs. Jensen loves to play her guitar and sing and she loves getting to know people. Mrs. Jensen likes butterfingers, cookies and Barry's grilled chicken sandwiches.  As a counselor she enjoys going into each class to teach life skills.  She's excited to get to know our Art City family and loves helping kids one on one with life's challenges. We're so happy to have Mrs.

Art City Back To School Orientation

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At the beginning of each school year our principal, Mrs. Muirbrook, invites each grade to meet with her and talk about how to stay safe at school.  This year she reminded everyone to "Stand Strong" by being safe, respectful, and responsible.  She also talked to the students about having a good mindset and passed out folders to help them remember that if they change their words they can change their mindset!

Really Awesome Eagles!!

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Art City Students in Mrs. Huston's class show they are Safe, Respectful and Responsible by the choices they make every day while in school.  They earned ten Eagle Bucks and redeemed them for their picture with friends on the school website!