September 2019

Art City Welcomes Our Third-Grade Team

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Maggie Davis was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. She moved to Utah to attend Brigham Young University and now lives in Provo. Outside of school, Miss Davis loves being creative by painting, drawing, and making crafts. She loves sushi and her favorite treats are cheesecake and candy corn. Emily Peery is from Spanish Fork, Utah.  She attended Brigham Young University and now lives in Provo, Utah.  Outside of school, Miss Peery loves to go shopping and to travel.  Her favorite treats are cookies and she loves cheese burgers and mangos. 

More Awesome Eagles!

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Art City Students in Mrs. Huston's class show they are Safe, Respectful and Responsible by the choices they make every day while in school.  They earned ten Eagle Bucks and redeemed them for their picture with friends on the school website!  Great job!

Art City Has a Nebo Hero Kim Larsen

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Kim Larsen, Teacher, Art City Elementary
Nominated by: Mandie Peterson

“As a fellow employee and as a mother, I find Kim Larsen exceptional. She worked tirelessly with my son. Kim made efforts to contact and work with me as a parent. She has gone above and beyond to use different learning styles and make sure all kids feel welcome. My son has always struggled in school and still struggles this year. But, he knows that his teacher cares about him.    

Picture and Story by Lana Hiskey

Art City Elementary School Celebrates Constitution Day

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In observance of Constitution Day, Tuesday, September 17th, the entire student body at Art City started school with the raising of the flag, the Pledge of Allegiance and singing the National Anthem.  It was a great way to celebrate our country.  

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Art City Second Grade Get Rewarded for 9.11 Kindness

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Second grade students enjoyed a surprise visit from Springville’s finest today!  Police and Fire/Rescue Officers brought donuts and Junior Officer stickers for all 2nd grade students. The boys and girls wrote letters on 9/11 thanking our first responders for their service and sacrifice. We sure love our police and fire department!  Thank you for spending time with our students!