February 2015

Fifth and Second-Grade radKIDs Simulation

Submitted by julia.murray on Thu, 02/26/2015 - 10:26

Fifth and second-grade students from Art City Elementary school, Springville, on Friday February 6 and 22, 2015, were confronted by a ‘Bad Person’.  Students are taught to say “Stay Back you’re not my dad (or mom)” when someone they don't know approaches them.  During a simulation the students have an opportunity to practice what they have learned.  They go through two scenarios where one they get to say "No" to an adult and another they are wrapped up by someone dressed in red or black pads and the students can use all of the techniques learned in their radKIDs Safety Empowerment cla

Pictures by Mrs. Nielsen, Mrs. Elliott, and ACE reporter Nandin Sosa

The Golden Rule

Submitted by julia.murray on Wed, 02/25/2015 - 15:24

Students at Art City Elementary had the opportunity to learn what it means to treat others the way they want to be treated during an assembly on Monday February 2, 2015. 

Pictures by ACE reporter Lilly Morris


Submitted by julia.murray on Wed, 02/25/2015 - 14:45

White Ribbon week was January 26 through January 30th at Art City Elementary School in Springville.  The media safety theme was "Be a Media Detective!"  The students had fun finding clues through the building that gave them tips on how to stay safe while using media and making good choices in their media decisions.  A representative from Netsmartzkids.org came on January 29th to help the younger grades then the older grades know how to stay safe with media.

Spelling Bee

Submitted by julia.murray on Wed, 02/25/2015 - 14:31

Art City Elementary School Spelling Bee was held on Wednesday February 18, 2015, there were approximately 35 students participate in the spelling bee.  All students who were interested in participating in the spelling bee had the opportunity to have a mini "bee" in their classrooms, then if they were the top three they were able to move onto the school "bee"; students were given lists the first of February to study and prepare.  Kathay P. (center) was first, McKay D. was second and Carlitos was thrid.

Sixth-grade Soc Hop

Submitted by julia.murray on Wed, 02/25/2015 - 14:07

On February 13, 2015 Art City Elementary School Sixth-grade classes held an old fashioned "Sock-hop" to celebrate Valentine's day by exploring what it was like in the Fifties.  There was Karaoke, picture booth, musical chairs, "50's" Trivia, hand jive and line dance, hula hoops, and the Limbo.

A.C.E. reporter Rylie Andreason

The 100th Day of Kindergarten

Submitted by julia.murray on Wed, 02/25/2015 - 13:30

Students get so excitted to celebrate the 100th day of school and the Kindergarten is no exception.  Students in Mrs. Barbara Miner's Kindergarten classes had the opportunity to celebrate the 100th day of school.  Students made posters of 100 things.

Pictures by Mrs. Miner

Kindergarten Has a Beach Day

Submitted by julia.murray on Wed, 02/25/2015 - 13:01

Every year in January Mrs. Miner, Kindergarten teacher at Art City Elementary school has a beach day at the end of her Ocean unit where they have learned about things that live in the sea as well as learning about opposites.  It also is to bring a little sunshine in the middle of winter.  Students dress as if at the beach, bring towels and have lots of fun thinking about summertime fun. 

Pictures by Mrs. Miner

Peace Prize Winners

Submitted by julia.murray on Wed, 02/25/2015 - 12:19

After the Second-grade program students at Art City Elementary school were awarded Peace Prize winners were announced: Taylor, Kayla, Mazey, Lily, Lilly, Jason, Mae, Karime, Elle, Madison, Whitney, Adrean, Ashlyn, Afton, Kaitlyn, Maggie, Ellie, Lily, and Daniel. Art City Elementary School has been awarding students as Peace Keepers for the past eleven years. The students in each class vote for a person in their classroom who exhibits qualities that make the school a better place.

Pictures by: Lily Morris

Awesome Eagles

Submitted by julia.murray on Mon, 02/23/2015 - 12:23

If you are an Awesome Eagle you get to put your name on board and when there is one whole row everyone on that row gets to have a pizza party.  On February 3, 2015 the board finally had one row completly filled in; everyone on that row enjoyed pizza for lunch. Our Awesome Eagles are (not in order) Brenden Jessop, James Rey, Boston Hastings, Pata Kalsa, Bella Andelin, Lane Barksdale, Katie Durfey, Willie Carter and Kaleb Wilson. 

Pictures by Mrs. Nielsen