Fifth and Second-Grade radKIDs Simulation

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Fifth and second-grade students from Art City Elementary school, Springville, on Friday February 6 and 22, 2015, were confronted by a ‘Bad Person’.  Students are taught to say “Stay Back you’re not my dad (or mom)” when someone they don't know approaches them.  During a simulation the students have an opportunity to practice what they have learned.  They go through two scenarios where one they get to say "No" to an adult and another they are wrapped up by someone dressed in red or black pads and the students can use all of the techniques learned in their radKIDs Safety Empowerment class to get away.  

Deputy Nielson, Deputy Grimstead, and Deputy Irvine,  of Utah County Sherriff's department, are normally out protecting our community and helping others.  They volunteer their time to help us give the students a holistic experience of getting away from the "bad" person. Instructors Kathy Anderton and Julia Murray teach PE at Art City Elementary and teach the radKIDs program to the second and fifth-grade classes.  During the simulation their job is to run along side the students as their "Guardian Angels", to prompt them or stop the simulation if a pad needs to be fixed. 
Using the techniques and the knowledge they have learned from their radKIDS class each student was able to get away.  Thank you everyone for helping and supporting radKIDs.


Pictures by Mrs. Nielsen, Mrs. Elliott, and ACE reporter Nandin Sosa