November 2013

Celebrating The First Thanksgiving in Kindergarten

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Thursday and Friday, November 21 and 22, 2013, the Kindergarten, at Art City Elementary school, in Springville, were dressed as Pilgrims and Indians in remembrance of the first Thanksgiving.  The students had opportunities to be a pilgrim and make butter for bread, washed clothes on a wash board, sewed on a button to make a pocket and played old fashioned games, the next day they were Indians they popped popcorn, ground corn, made a pot with clay, read stories in a teepee, made “beaded” necklaces using pasta, banged on drums and danced around the

Pictures by Jayden and Mrs. Murray

2013 Eagles' Flight Walk-a-thon

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October 4th, 2013, Art City Elementary School held their annual Walk-a-thon the totals are as follows:  Laps 11,909.  Miles walked:  1,490.  Money total $9400.  Our highest money earner was Joey Hammond $302.60.  Most laps ran Jacob Gee 45 laps.  Our Sponsors included the following:  Seven Peaks, Hang Time Air, Jump-On- It, Springville Pool, Cinemark Theater, Water Garden Theater, Lowe's Extreme Air.  Our largest supporters were as follows:

Pictures by DeAnna Lindsey and Julia Murray

Dads and Donuts in the Third-grade at Art City Elementary School

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Art City Elementary, in Springville, on Friday, November 15, 2013, third-grade students invited their dads, uncles, grandpas, and friends to come eat a donut and read a book.  Miss McKell Murdock, third-grade teacher, invited her dad he too read with students.  There was a good turn out of “Dad’s” for the donuts.  For the students whose dad couldn't come they shared a dad or took turns reading with another student.  The dads stayed for about 20 minutes and seemed to really enjoy this time with their students.  Thank you

Pictures by Ms. Patti Parker, third-grade teacher

Art City Elementary School Celebrated Halloween with a Parade

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Art City celebrates Halloween in their class rooms through out the day and then everyone lines the halls to watch as classes march past in their costumes.  As they start the First grade starts and walks through the school picking up classes as they go and as they make there way through the school and the Gym for parents to see everyone, the second time through the school the lines gets smaller as classes go back to their room.  Even the office and staff.

Halloween Art through the halls of Art City Elementary School

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As you walk through the halls of Art City Elementary School everyone could see pumpkins, scarecrows,, mummies, ghosts, bats, many variations of skeletons and spiders.  The Second-grade classes express their creativity by making 3-D haunted houses and making Jack-o-Lanterns from cut outs from magazines.  The Third-grade have things to "Scream" about from arachnophobia to zombies. The Fifth-grade shared "The ZYX Halloween Alphabet song" Illustrated by Miss Haslam's haunters. Mrs. Hughes wrote "When is Halloween" poetry then created a mosaic.

How do you celebrate Veterans?

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 Art City Elementary, Springville, Utah, celebrated Veterans today.  The Student Council and Counselor, Teresa Winkler,  presented the flag and shared poems, pictures, and thoughts of veterans. The students sang along to Lee Greenwood's song "God Bless the USA".  Mrs. Winkler recited the Gettysburg address, in celebration of the 150 years since it was given by President Abraham Lincoln.  Mrs. Nielsen had students in all grades to write what it means to be an American. The following were picked from each grade level:

Kindergarten Celebrates Halloween

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On October 29, 2013  Art City Elementary kindergarten classes performed in a Halloween Program. Songs include: Halloween what does it mean?; Five Little Pumpkins; Ghost Toast Orange Pumpkin; Little Ghost; Jack-O-Lantern Poem; In the Pot; Diddle-Dee; Little Witch; Witch Poem; Witch With an Itch; Halloween is almost here; SHUSH!!!; Fly Little Bats; Five Little Bats; Ghost of John; High in Air; Dark, Dark House; Time to trick or treat; and Halloween! Art City was proud of the kindergarteners for celebrating Halloween while showing school spirit! (Izzie Bagley).

Written by Izzie Bagley 4th-grade and Jimmy Avila 6th-grade

Art City Reading Adventures

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Art City Elementary went on a reading adventure! The families discovered a cool place to find hot books at our Scholastic Book fair October 21-24. Families came with their students on family night and journyed back to Ancient Egypt to an oasis overflowing with fun, even Mrs. Lori Nielsen joined in the fun; they also found affordable books on Tuesday, October 22 from 5:00-6:00 pm. The week long party included a special late night of shopping on Thursday, October 24. Thank you everyone for coming and supporting the Book Fair. 


Pictures by Jefferson and Jimmy Avila