How do you celebrate Veterans?

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 Art City Elementary, Springville, Utah, celebrated Veterans today.  The Student Council and Counselor, Teresa Winkler,  presented the flag and shared poems, pictures, and thoughts of veterans. The students sang along to Lee Greenwood's song "God Bless the USA".  Mrs. Winkler recited the Gettysburg address, in celebration of the 150 years since it was given by President Abraham Lincoln.  Mrs. Nielsen had students in all grades to write what it means to be an American. The following were picked from each grade level:

 Kindergarten: Caroline Penrod: “I like America because I was born in America, I am a free in America.”

First-Grade: Julia Taniguchi: “America has fresh trees and America has nice people to be your friend and has wonderful food to eat.

 Second-Grade: Afton Ogles: “America is special because it has a school for everyone and some countries don’t! And we are so lucky to have a school that is offered to everyone.”

 Third-Grade: Katie Durfey:  Talked about loving the country she lives in and the protection she feels, “When I think of other countries I feel that I can be free,” She knows she will be loved and protected. She said in closing, “I know that people in my family have fought and died in the army and my family still has people going in to the army.  America, my life my pride and joy.”

Fourth-grade: Carlitos Cornejo: Expressed the things he is glad for, “the military that protects us, the freedom of speech to be able to disagree, to have more than one child in the family, we can eat whatever we want, to be whatever we want to when we grow up, the right to go to college. I am thankful for the people who fought for our freedom. I’m glad I can be here right now, at this school, I’m glad I live in America.”

 Fifth-grade: Fuiva Moala: Listed many things that we have and she included, “We have equal rights for men and women, we risk our lives to protect everybody’s rights in America.  We have schools for everyone, so we can all have knowledge in anything we choose.  In many other countries girls are not allowed to go to school.  American women proudly work, live and learn as we want to know our role is valued.  We support our families and friends in many shapes and forms.  We choose to do right even if we are feeling down. . . We guide and help each other.  We are very powerful when we work together for America.  We can stop all the bullying from happening to anyone and everyone.  We choose to do good things and make a difference.  We are all different but we want the same thing, to be happy.”

 Sixth-grade: Hannah Mason:  “America is the land of the free; People gave their lives so that it’s a free country for you and for me.  They fought for years, more people died.  Families lost their loved ones, so many cried.  The Flag is a symbol of courage and peace, the Flag is a symbol of courage and peace, the eagle stands for freedom that won’t cease.  So whenever you see a man in green, go give him your thanks, he’s the reason we are free.”