October 2014

Book Fair October 20-24th


Hear ye, hear ye, your presence is requested in Art City Elementary's Court, from October 20th to October 24th. We'll protect the kingom from dragons that snort.  So get out your chain mail, our castle awaits.  Just hop on your horse and head towards the gates!

Book fair hours are daily 8:20 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  

Family night will be a "Medieval" theme, come dressed in your Medieval costumes (princess, knight, dragon, etc.) Monday, October 20th from 5-6:30 p.m.  Come for games, prizes, treats, and more!

Thursday October 24th during SEP's until 8 p.m. 

Red Ribbon Poster Contest

This week has been Red ribbon week at Art City Elementary school.  Monday was "Be a "Jeanious" Don't do drugs", students were wearing red t-shirts and Jeans; Tuesday was "Don't be Crazy don't do drugs", students wore crazy socks and their hair was crazy; Wednesday was "Don't dream about doing drugs" and students wore their pajamas.  Most of the classes made a Drug Free poster and hung it outside of their classrooms and the PTA had a contest of the best poster.  The winners are: First place, Mrs. Huffaker's 6th-grade class; Second place was a tie between Ms.

Cursive Skeletons


There is more than one way to get kids to work on their cursive writing skills.  The third-grade at Art City Elementary has students write their names on white art paper, fold the paper in half then cut out their names; with the scrape pieces of paper they create a head, arms, and legs . . . their name becomes the body of a skeleton.  What a fun way to make cursive writing enjoyable. Can you see their names.  One of the pictures is zoomed in on "Jane". 

Red Ribbon Week Oct 13-15

Posters by PTA

Remember that October 13-15 is Red Ribbon Week.  Monday wear jeans and a red shirt.  Tuesday is crazy socks and or crazy hair.  Wednesday wear your pajamas.  Have fun not drugs. 

What Makes You Scream?


What makes you want to SCREAM?  In October Mrs Larsen's class at Art City Elementary, Springville, wrote about what makes them want to scream.  The students studied The Scream by Edvard Munch and used similar colors, lines and movement to create their own watercolors.  Using a Digital camera their picture was taken, while re-creating that famous scream face.  Their pictures were printed then cut out and glued onto their watercolor painting.  Students then wrote about what makes them scream and published their writing in the school computer lab.

The Utah Renaissance Faire,

Sixth-grade students Lily Morris and Jefferson Avila

Art City Elementary sixth-grade, as part of the sixth-grade core, they had the opportunity to attend The Utah Renaissance Faire, at Thanksgiving Point on Friday September 26, 2014.  "The Utah Renaissance Faire is a world-class event with full-contact jousting matches and artisan villages of the Renaissance. Other entertainment includes archery, sword and shield combat shows, theater, music and street performers. Special appearances were made by Knights of Mayhem and Grassroots Shakespeare."  Students were also able to see a braid dance known to many as the "May Pole".

Green Ribbon Poster Contest

Students at Art City submitted pictures representing how to stay safe for a coloring contest.  The following students were the poster contest winners:  Kelsie Kindergarden, Zayley 1st grade, Grace 2nd-grade, Jane 3rd-grade, Brianna 4th-grade, Lily 5th-grade, Ann 6th-grade, Jane 6th-grade, Grand prize winner. 


Green Ribbon Week

Pictures by Mrs. Nielsen and Mrs. Mitchell

Students celebrated Green Ribbon week by having "crazy hair", wearing suspenders or a belt, crazy socks and wearing their pajamas.