Red Ribbon Poster Contest

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Mrs. Huffaker 6th-grade, 1st place
Miss Shumway 5th-grade, 2nd place
Miss Westover 2nd-grade, 2nd place
Ms. Starkey 1st-grade, 3rd place

This week has been Red ribbon week at Art City Elementary school.  Monday was "Be a "Jeanious" Don't do drugs", students were wearing red t-shirts and Jeans; Tuesday was "Don't be Crazy don't do drugs", students wore crazy socks and their hair was crazy; Wednesday was "Don't dream about doing drugs" and students wore their pajamas.  Most of the classes made a Drug Free poster and hung it outside of their classrooms and the PTA had a contest of the best poster.  The winners are: First place, Mrs. Huffaker's 6th-grade class; Second place was a tie between Ms. Shumway's 5th-grade class and Miss Westover's 2nd-grade class; Third place was Ms. Starkey's 1st-grade class. (The Posters for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are in order--all others are random)