PTA Service Award this September 2012

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 Karen Burton grew up in Virginia, just outside of Washington, D.C. She has four sons ages 24 down to 14. Her oldest son is married, and she says, "Now I enjoy having a daughter!"
Karen has taught for 6 years. One of her favorite things about teaching is celebrating every small accomplishment.  She loves working out, blogging, traveling, singing, and mobile photography.  About her own elementary years, Karen says, "I remember being completely mesmerized by my teachers when I was young. My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Park was my hero when she would discipline Keith Brown for peeling and eating his crayons."

Doreen Barker grew up in Lehi, Utah. She has 1 awesome husband, 6 great children (4 married) and 10 adorable grandchildren.  Doreen has been teaching for 12 years. She loves teaching because she knows she is helping to build the future of the children she teaches.  She loves gardening, sewing, cooking, crafts, camping, history, traveling, and her grandchildren.  When asked about a favorite memory of her elementary years, she said "I loved the Halloween party that they would have at the school every year. I also loved learning the times tables."

Jennifer Poulsen grew up in Mapleton, Utah. She is married to Brad Poulsen and she has a son who is 14 and a daughter who is 11.  Jennifer has been teaching for five years in the Nebo school district. One of her favorite things about working with children is that simple things make their day.  She loves having late nights with her mom and sisters.  Here is a fun memory of Jennifer's elementary years: "I went to Mapleton Elementary. I could do a cherry drop from the bars on the play ground and knew I was hot stuff!"

Thank You so much to our transitional Kindergarten teachers!  And congratulations on receiving the PTA Service Award this September!  We are grateful for all you do to help our children





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