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If you are an Awesome Eagle you get to put your name on a board and when there is one whole row everyone on that row gets to have a pizza party.  On April 20, 2015 the board finally had one row completly filled in; everyone on that row enjoyed pizza for lunch on Wednesday April 21st. Our Awesome Eagles are (not in order):  Janice Davies, Lilly Binks, Elizabeth Jenkins, Elle Madon, Julia Taniguchi, Nolan Patten, Megan Gwilliam, River Webb, Christian Hererra, Roxy Packard, Quincie Barton, Henry Holmes, Aurelia Olson, Ella Ables, Samantha Barney, Carson Fairbanks, Carter Wilson, Taige Larsen, Preston Woodward, and Sam Shaw. 

Pictures by Mrs. Nielsen