Art City's Annual Fun Run

Submitted by julia.murray on Fri, 10/01/2010 - 14:42

Art City Elementary had their Fun Run on September 15th as part of Health and Safety Week. Third through Sixth Grade students, parents, and even a few faculty ran a two and a half mile course through neighborhoods surrounding Art City Elementary School. The First and Second grade students ran a half a mile course around the Art City Elementary School field.

Congratulations go out to all of the students that ran. Pictured are the first place runners for the 1st-2nd grade: Kayla Jackson 2nd grade, Chandler Larsen 1st grade, for the 3rd-6th grade: Amanda Smith 6th grade, Matt Merrell 6th grade. Special thanks goes to Springville City Police officers, the PTA Fun Run Committee, and Nestle for a successful Fun Run

1st Grade Winners: Boys:  1st Austin Mertz, 2nd Noah Moeaki, 3rd Strider Letham; Girls: 1st. Audry Hawkins, 2nd Kennady Bird, 3rd Valeria Montelongo.

2nd Grade Winners: Boys: 1st Alejandro Quezada,2nd Brian Bess, 3rd Jacob Gee; Girls: 1st Emery Rock, 2nd Sage Mortimer, 3rd Emma Busath

3rd Grade Winners:  Boys: 1st Kyle Soter, 2nd Corbin Webster, 3rd Wes Balmforth; Girls: 1st Savannah Dayton, 2nd Abby Haruch, 3rd Brittany Larsen.

4th Grade Winners:  Boys: 1st Devin Cutler, 2nd Quenton Mortimer, 3rd Gage Crockston; Girls: 1st Brookleyn Galbraith, 2nd Kaitlyn Gee, 3rd Ella Park.

5th Grade Winners:  1st Ben Schreiner, 2nd Zack Dalley, 3rd Kaden Jepperson; Girls:  1st McKenna Anderson, Madison Webster, 3rd Taralyn Gervais.

6th Grade Winners:  Boys: 1st Kaleb Payne, 2nd Steven Elzinga, 3rd Daniel Payne; Girls 1st Alexa Whitlock 2nd Cheyanne Brown, 3rd Aubry Conrad.