Art City State Chess Tournament

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Art City Elementary school's Chess Club had the opportunity to compete in the State Chess Tournament that was held at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City on Saturday, March 13, 2016.  Students have been working hard, competing on the school and District level since October.  Students are taught on their level of skill and progress through harder lessons as the year progresses, getting them ready for tournaments.  Thank you all for your help and support through the past four months.  The following are individual and team results: 
Art City Individual results:  Kindergarten:  Spencer Wilson 2nd; First-grade:  Tyson Tanner 2nd; Kaylee Elzinga 3rd; and Celeste Jenkins 35th. Second-grade:  Jacob Rawle 6th; Gabriel Balzotti 7th; Willie Carter 11th; Thomas Wilson 15th; River Jenkins 28th and Jarom Smith 36th;  Third-grade:  Carther Tanner 32nd.  Fourth-grade:  Tommy Carter 9th; Zachary Walton 18th.  Fifth-grade:  Travis Gervais 4th; Dylan Martin 7th; Caleb Smith 11th; Jason Marcum 40th.  Sixth-grade: Jason Elzinga 3rd; Paul Carter 12th; Logan Tanner 22nd; Kimball Snapp 30th.  

Nebo School District Team Results:  Art City Elementary School 3rd Place;  Hobble Creek Elementary 11th; Reagan Academy 9th.

The team earned 20 points which reflects an amazing team effort.  Everyone on the team contributed to this result, by challenging each other and learning together throughout the year.  Congratulations to everyone in the Art City Elementary Chess Club!  Thanks to all the parent volunteers and coaches who helped over the last several months.