Art City Fifth Grade Wax Museum

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Art City Elementary Fifth-grade students held their annual wax museum on Thursday February 15th.  After singing patriotic songs, they went to their classrooms for a Wax Museum.  Fifth-grade students dressed up as famous and important people or characters in America’s history.  Some of the characters from history included; Al Capone, Betsy Ross, Albert Einstein, Grandma Moses, Rosa Park, Jackie Robinson and Walt Disney, just to name a few.  The rest of the students in the school, as well as family, walked through the museum.  The students would press a button, listen to the famous person tell a little about themselves and help students learn about these famous people.   Art City has been doing the wax museum for over 18 years.  It gives students an opportunity to learn how to do a research paper, read biographies and learn about people in America’s history.  Students are expected to research and write a bibliography.  They learn perseverance and patience in researching their character in history.  Students have fun dressing up, and teachers enjoy seeing the efforts put into the characters. 

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Pictures by the Fifth-grade Teachers