Art City Elementary School Red and Green Ribbon week was October 15-17 and the 24

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Our Springville community Public Service men and woman were wonderful in helping to make this year's Red and Green Ribbon Week wonderful.

We started the week with students competing in a door decorating contest.  We had a secret code for the week, it was “Hi-Chews to be safe.”  If the students participated, they received a “Hi-Chews” candy.  Choosing to stay drug free, choosing to be safe, and choosing how we can help others is very important; because our choices matter.  For the door decorating contest winners were:  Mrs. LeMmon’s class - 1st, Mrs. Ferris - 2nd, Mrs. Thompson  - 3rd and Mrs. Morgan -  honorable mention.

Tuesday the students chose to not be crazy and just be safe by having a crazy hair day. We also had help from Lieutenant Warren Foster who brought Springville Public service vehicles and officers during lunch to inform us about how their vehicles keep us safe. There was an emergency while they here and Chief Clinton turned on the fire engine and ambulance sirens to take the call. Sgt. Ellsworth stayed behind and be with us the whole time. We are thankful for their time. The students made thank you cards to give to each department.

On Wednesday the students chose not to be lazy and stay safe by wearing pjs to school.

On October 24, Sergeant Gordan from the K-9 patrol unit sent two officers and their K-9 partners to help us understand how they keep us safe. This was a great assembly to culminate the week of choosing to be safe and choosing not to use drugs.

The assembly started with the Kindergarten classes singing a safety song.  Our Student Action Team performed a skit about good drugs verses bad drugs and ways we can be safe.  Officer Brett Lawrenson and his dog Axle and Officer Sorensen and his dog Havoc did a demonstration showing how the dogs think it is a game to find bad things and bad people. The K9 department is wonderful. If you want to learn more please check out their website at

A big THANK YOU to Mrs. Brown and all of the other PTA moms that helped make it a successful Red and Green Ribbon week! 

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Story by Jessica Brown