Art City 5th Grade Program

Submitted by julia.murray on Tue, 04/26/2011 - 10:37
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On April 7, 2011, the fifth grade classes at Art City Elementary, shared with the school and parents a few of the things they have learned this school year.  They started the program with “I don’t Want to Go to School”.  In Ms. Dorrie Fisher’s class they learned about Heredity and sang “We are Family” and Matter and sang “Firework”.  In Miss Molly Haslam’s class they learned about Electricity and Magnets and sang “Stuck like Glue” (like magnets stick together).  In Ms. Patti Parker’s class they learned about land forms and sang a rap “Layers of the earth”.  For all of the things they have learned from Mrs. Tammy Daybell, the computer teacher, they sang “Typewriter”.  Mrs. Jana Kessinger the music teacher taught them a dance “Thriller” that they did not have to ‘hold hands’ for.  They ended the program knowing they have gone to school for 1050 days and they have 1530 days left until they graduate high school in May of 2018 and sang the song “Got so far to go”.  Thank you teachers for all you have done for the students this year.