Ms. Fisher's Fifth-grade Class Spelling Bee

Pictures and article by Emmelia Cieslewicz
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5th-grade Fisher spell (4).JPG
5th-grade Fisher spell (8).JPG

Ms. Dorie Fisher’s fifth-grade class at Art City Elementary held their annual class Spelling Bee on Thursday, January 12, 2012.  Each year schools are given a certain list in which teachers can use in their
classroom Spelling Bee.  In the first round Ms. Fisher thought she might run out of words.  In each class the five winners move on to the School Spelling Bee.  Emmelia Cieslewicz and Jackie Durfey tied in the
first round; the second round was won by Addi Lister, the third by Porter Olsen and the fourth by Kaitlyn Gee, these five are going to compete in the school Spelling Bee that will be held on February 8th.

Picture Ms. Fisher (1): Emmelia Cieslewicz, Jackie Durfey, Porter
Olsen, Kaitlyn Gee, not pictured Addi Lister