District Chess Tournament Results

Pictures by Rylie Andreason and Marylynn Lewis

On February 28, Nebo School District held their annual chess tournament at Cherry Creek Elementary School. Overall schools  First place :  Art City Elementary School ; Second place:  Reagan Academy ; Third Place:  Hobble Creek Elementary;  Fourth place:  C. H. Taylor Elementary; Fifth place:  Springville Junior; Sixth place:  Mapleton Elementary School;  Seventh place:  Orchard Hills Elementary;  Eighth place:  Cherry Creek Elementary;  Ninth Place:  Mapleton Junior; Tenth place:  East Meadows Elementary. 

12th-grade Students:  First place: Isaac Gomez; Second place:  Austin Weight; Third place:  Marshall Manesse;  Fourth place:  Scott Thomson; Fifth place:  Garth Talbot; Sixth place:  Thomas Flinders. 

7th-9th-grade students:  1st place:  Patrick Bless; 2nd Place: Zachary Derosia; 3rd Place:  Noah Rogers; 4th Place:  Hyrum Davis; 5th place:  Mason Lindstrom; 6th place:  Luke Carter; 7th place:  Nathan Bingham; 8th place:  Laren Balls: 9th place:  Kolby Carter; 10th place Emily Balls. 

Elementary Students:  Kindergarten:  1st- place:  Corbin Price; 2nd-place: Ruby Lindstrom, 3rd. place:  Tyson Tanner; 4th place:  Brigham Durfey:  5th place:  Kaylee Elzinga; 6th place: Matthew  Van Der Horst:  7th place: Kylen Nelson; 8th place:  Marshall Upp; 9th place: Fenix Graves; 10th place:  Erlyn Baker

First-Grade:  1st place:  Willie Carter, 2nd place:  Jarom Smith, 3rd place:  Elizabeth Jenkins; 4th place:  Jason Agle; 5th place:  Kaleb Sanders; 6th-place:  River Jenkins; 7th place:  Gavin Miner; 8th place:  Logan Sharp; 9th place:  Easton Durrant; 10th place:  Anne Macdonald.

Second-Grade:  1st place:  Owen Thorpe;  2nd place:  Austin Purcell; 3rd place:  Ryken Brown; 4th place:  Jeffrey Price; 5th place:  Mikel Miles; 6th-place:  Sam Killpack; 7th place:  Joshua Creer; 8th place:  Nathan Porter; 9th place:  Carter Tanner; 10th place:  Kaitlyn Steele.

Third-Grade:  1st place:  Brigham Call; 2nd place: Tommy Carter; 3rd place:  Bryce Jameson; 4th place:  Braxton Sharp; 5th place:  Oliver Unguren; 6th-place:  Nathan Westerman; 7th place:  Spencer Merrell; 8th place: Adam Jenkins; 9th place:  Kael Van Tassell; 10th place: Breyton Banks;

Fourth-Grade:  1st place: Dylan Martin;  2nd place:  Sam Bailey; 3rd place:  Jackson Kunz;  4th place:  Jordan Jenkins; 5th place:  Caleb Smith; 6th-place:  Jeston Jacobson; 7th place:  Joseph Krois; 8th place:  Clark Baker; 9th place:  Travis Gervais; 10th place:  Brock Baker;

Fifth-Grade: 1st place:  Jason Elzinga; 2nd place:  Lane Lindstrom; 3rd place:  Paul Carter; 4th place:  Jayden Mason; 5th place:  Matthew Allred; 6th-place:  J.J Kent; 7th place: Cameron Hall; 8th place:  Connor Caswell; 9th place:  Jason Flinders; 10th place:  Tanner Wise.

Sixth-Grade:  1st place:  Ben Price; 2nd place:  Jefferson Avila; 3rd place:  Detroit Kane; 4th place:  Jakob Morrison; 5th place:  Alexis Call; 6th-place: Jeanette Griffin; 7th place:  Josie Rey; 8th place: Nathan Brown; 9th place:  Samantha Waite; 10th place:  Max Fraser.

There were many parents and teachers involved to organize and officiate.  Thank you to all those who helped make the District Chess tournament a success.