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Art City Keyboarding Champions

Submitted by julia.murray on Mon, 04/25/2016 - 10:06

Art City Elementary students in the fourth and fifth-grades take a keyboarding class that teaches them correct position and strokes to be the best keyboarding students.  This year Nebo School District challenged students to compete in a "Keyboarding Championship".  Those selected to compete showed that they had "developed remarkable keyboarding skills that will continue to grow as students keyboard correctly".  Congratulations to the following students for being selected from Art City Elementary School. (Not in any particular order).  Emme Trunnell, Jason Marcum, Carter Thrasher, Spencer Merell, Spencer Park, Spencer hall, Mayci Cornaby, Jon Ferin, avis ervais, Brianna Ortega, Rachal Mayson, Jane Rawle, Staeley Orr, Marc Quinlan, River Zabriskie, Tommy Carter, Carson Edwards, Samuel Gutierrez, Afton Ogles, Naomie Connell, Camrie Snapp, and Ella Ables.