Art City Elementary Reflections 2016


There were many participants in this year's Reflections and at this time we would like to announce the winners in each category. Awards of Excellence:  Katie Durfey, Aruelia Olsen, Joseph Rasmussen, Mille Claybaugh, Kelsie Nielson, and Morgan Nielson.  Awards of Merit:  Caroline Penrod, Camryn Depew, Levi Fox, Celeste Jenkins, Skylar Marshall, Lili Kew, and Camrie Snapp.  Honorable Mention:  Molly Jessop, Levi Olsen, and Anders Rasmussen. Participation:  Quincy Barton, Lilly Payne, Rayna Burr, Mayia Brown, Jane Rawle, Benjamin Christensen, Tommy Cater, Makenzie Brown, Sarah Penrod, Kowan VanOrman, Broklyn Balmforth, and Karime Gomez-Rios.