Art City Elementary radKIDs Simulation--5th and 2nd- Grade radKIDS Simulation

Ace Reporters: Adriana Garcia and Emma Busath, and Principal Lori Nielsen
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Fifth and second-grade students from Art City Elementary school, Springville, on Friday February 1 and 8, 2013, are confronted with a ‘Bad Person’ “Stay Back you’re not my dad” students  said, just as Lietenant Omar Wright, of the Nephi police, wrapped them up to see if they could get away. Using the techniques and the knowledge they have learned from their radKIDS class each student was able to get away. Thank you Mr. Wright of Nephi; and the Utah County Sherriff’s Department for your help and support with simulation; thank you PTA and Mrs. Nielsen, principal, for having this program in the school.

“radKIDS is a self empowerment safety class that teaches the students how to stay safe. “radKIDS instructors don’t just tell the students how to stay safe or show videos, they actually provide a hands-on, activity-based physical skill development program empowering children with options, not fear. radKIDS® provides children with the instinctual options they need to recognize, avoid and if necessary respond to potential danger in their world today.” Go to web site for more information.

Mrs. Murray, radKIDS instructor at Art City said, “I really love seeing the change in the mind set of the students as they realize that they can protect themselves, my other reward is when a parent emails me or tells me something their ‘radKID’ is doing. A couple of years ago I had a mom email me and shared an experience she said: ‘I was remodeling in my home and needed a spray bottle, the only one I could find was a windex bottle, it still had windex in it, I started pouring it into a glass, my ‘radKIDS’ told me not to do it, I said oh it will be fine. About two hours later my 15 year old son saw the “blue juice” sitting on the counter, without smelling it he took a big mouth full. I should have listened to my children’.”