January 2019

Mapleton Jr. High School Band and Orchestra


Mapleton Jr. High School Band and Orchestra visited Art City Elementary School in December. They did a wonderful job and our students loved their performance. It was fun for Art City Elementary students to see what they have to look forward to when they go to junior high school.  

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Chinese Acrobats Visit Art City Elementary


In December Art City Elementary School had the opportunity to have a Chinese Acrobatic team come and showcase the things they are learning as acrobats in China. 

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Springville Jr. High Choir Visits Art City Elementary


In December the Springville Jr. High school Choir came to Art City Elementary School. The Choir sang Christmas songs and their traditional song “Bum-Bitti-Bum.” The Jr. High students led the elementary students  in a “Christmas Round” “Chop-Chop, Shovel-Shovel”. The students really love this participation song. It was very exciting to watch the Jr. High School choir sing. They ended with "One Candle" helping students remember to share their light and help others.  ​The students look forward to the choir coming every year, thank you Springville Junior High school Choir.



Art City Students in Mrs. Thomas' class show they are Safe, Respectful and Responsible by the choices they make every day while in school.  They earned ten Eagle Bucks and redeemed them for their picture with friends on the school website!