September 2014


Art City students spelled out "Reflections" as a reminder that this week, October 3, is the last day to turn in their Reflections entries.  Information can be picked up from a desk in front of the office.  The theme this year is "The World Would Be a Better Place If . . . " 

The purpose of Reflections is to have fun exploring art.  You can do something you've never tried before or something you've done a lot.  Just have fun with it.

United Way and US Synthetics Read and Do Service at Art City Elementary


On September 11, 2014 The United Way and US Synthetics came to Art City Elementary school in Springville Utah to read to the first and second-grade classes, read and figure out math with the third-grade; and learn how to be problem solvers in the fifth and sixth-grade classes. 
In the sixth-grade students were taught problem solving using a plan, do, check and act analogy.  They talked about how it is okay to fail and to start over and try again.  They made hypothesis to help solve a problem and to figure out a plan to do it better next time.