What Makes You Scream?

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What makes you want to SCREAM?  This month students in Ms. Larsen's and Mrs. Luther's class at Art City Elementary wrote about what makes them want to scream.  The students studied "The Scream" by Edvard Munch and used similar colors, lines and movement to create their own watercolor art.  With a digital camera the students pictures were taken recreating that famous scream face.  Their pictures were printed then cut out and glued onto their watercolor painting.  Students then wrote about what makes them scream and published their writing in the school computer lab. The project allowed students to use their photography, watercoloring, writing, computer and typewriting skills.  These works of art are displayed outside Ms. Larsen's and Mrs. Luther's third grade classroom and are making all of us at Art City wonder what we would "scream" about.