What the American Flag Means to Me

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Art City Elementary School in Springville, Utah, celebrated it's Veterans by having a writing contest about "What the Flag Means to Me."  The Students who won the writing contest later had the opportunity to have lunch with the Principal Mrs. Lori Nielsen.  The Winners are as follows (not in order):  Kindergarten:  Liam; First-grade:  Adam; Second-grade: Katie; Third-grade:  Gage; Fourth-grade: Hannah; Fifth-grade Maggie; and Sixth-grade: Adam. A few quotes from some of the writings are as follows:  Adam:  "When I look at the flag, I feel so proud that I'm an American.  It fills me up with joy and also sadness because I remember the people who fought to give me my freedom, liberties, and choices.  I sometimes go to the cemeteries with my family on Memorial Day and I see all of these American flags everywhere.  I remember the soldiers and how brave they were.  I love our American flag and everything it stands for."  Maggie: "The flag represents the bravery of all the veterans who have fought and will keep fighting."  Gage:  "The flag makes me feel like we can do anything.  We should not be afraid at all.  It makes me feel like we have a good country.  The flag makes me feel comfortable because we live in a good country.  We can do great things.  We are good people.  I can trust my family and my friends.  The flag also makes us trust God.  It makes me believe in God."  Hannah: "I think the American flag means that we are all responsible for America.  Those 50 stars make me want to look and realize how lucky I am to be here.  The blue under the stars make me think that our country would have blue skies and happiness if we were all patriotic to the flag.  The red stripes mean to me all the people that died every war and fight.  The white stripes remind me of all the other places that don't have freedom and when they decide to come to America they will see the almost whit statue of Liberty.  I will now and forever treasure my country and take care for all the American flags.  I bet no one is as proud as the Americans are." Katie:  "When I see a marshmallow or red licorice or a blueberry it reminds me of our flag." Art City truly loves the American Flag.