Utah Native American Culture at Art City Elementary School

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On November 29, 2011, Native Americans Eileen Quintana and Natalie
Billie representing the Navajo and Ute tribes, came to Art City
Elementary School, Springville, to teach the fourth and fifth grade
students about Utah Native American culture.  They showed the students
artifacts such as cradle boards, drums, pottery, and rugs.  Eileen and
Natalie had volunteers come up and try on traditional Native American
dance costumes.  The boy's costume had many yellow and red feathers
and was bird-like.  There were two different girls' costumes.  One was
greenish-yellow with yellow, red, and orange flame patterns.  The
other  was light blue with navy blue, purple, and pink stars.  When
they were done displaying the artifacts and costumes  Eileen and
Natalie showed slides  and told of important Native American people
and customs.  The fourth and fifth grade students learned a lot about
Utah Native Americans.


Picture e-1: Eileen Quintana and Conner  Snapp 4th-grade
Picture 37:  Rebecca Walton  4th-grade

Article By Emmelia Cieslewicz; Pictures by Amelia Trunnel and Kaitlyn Gee