Teacher Appreciation/Spirit Week!

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Monday, May 4th: Friendship Day

Reach out and be a friend to someone.  Send your teacher a picture of yourself holding a note or drawing telling them thank you!

Tuesday, May 5th: Disney Day

"If you can dream you can achieve it!"  Dress up as your favorite Disney character and upload pictures to Art City Lab, then come back to vote on Wednesday!  The prize is a cookie from Sodalicious!  We will also have a special contest called Dream It, so watch Art City Lab for details!

Wednesday, May 6th: Random Acts of Kindness Day

The PTA will decorate teachers' doors and lawns with signs.  If you see one, honk and wave!  Show kindness to someone else and tell your teacher how it made you feel.  

Thursday, May 7th: Crazy for Our Teachers!

Crazy Hair Day!   Share a picture with your class of your crazy hair and share them with the school on Art City Lab!  The winners get a Sodalicious cookie!  Remind your teacher of one crazy moment you remember from this school year.

Friday, May 8th: Make a Switch Day

"Change how you look at the world!"  Kids, dress up as your teacher!  Teachers, dress like your students!  Upload a picture to Art City Lab.  Winners get a Sodalicious cookie!  Drop off a gift for your teacher at the school, or mail them a card to show your appreciation for them and all they've done for you this year!  You can also send a virtual message on Art City Lab!