Second Annual Winter Chess Tournament

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Art City Elementary in Springville hosted the Second Annual Chess
Tournament on Saturday, December 3, 2011. There were 22 schools
represented and 174 students attended. Thank you Mrs Lori Nielsen,
Principal; Mary Lynn Lewis, David Taylor, Brett Elzinga, the Student
Council and all parents who volunteered to help make this tournament

The top ten schools are as follows: First, Art City Elementary School,
18 Points; Second, Sage Creek Elementary School, 15.5 Points; Third,
Spring Lake Elementary School, 15 Points; Fourth, Goshen Elementary
School, 14.5; Fifth, Riverview Elementary, 13.5; Sixth,  Mapleton
Elementary School , 13.0; Seventh, C. H. Taylor Elementary, 12.5;
Eighth, Hobble Creek Elementary, 12.0; Ninth,  Brookside Elementary
School, 11.5; Tenth, Sierra Bonita, 11.5.

Students placing first through sixth:

Kindergarten and First Grade:  First, Ryan Humpherys, Barnett; Second,
Hadley Charles, Taylor;  Third, Jared Hardy, Hobble Creek;  Fourth,
Travis Gervais, Art City; Fifth, Macdonald Adam, Taylor; Sixth, Kaleb
Lindsey, Spring Lake.
Second Grade:   First, Jason Elzinga, Art City; Second, Beckett Eames,
Art City; Third, Paul Carter, Art City; Fourth, Connor Caswell, Art
City; Fifth, Kimball Snapp, Art City; Sixth, Aspen Larsen, Art City.
Third Grade:  First, Kanyien Gonzalez,  Goshen; Second,  Charlie
Brenchley, Art City; Third Jordan Pilati, Sierra Bonita; Fourth, Fuiva
Moala, Art City; Fifth, Gage Thomas, Park; Sixth, Alyssa Thomas, Sage
Fourth Grade:   First, Monte Taylor, Art City;  Second, Ammon Elzinga,
Art City; Third, Zach Springer, Spring Lake; Fourth, Luke Carter, Art
City;  Fifth, Jakob  Dellamas, Brookside; Sixth, Garrison Caswell, Art
Fifth Grade:   First, Nathan Bingham, Sage Creek; Second, Devon Lopez,
, Goshen,  Third, Kaden  Crowther, Sierra Bonita; Fourth,  Amanda
Insalaco, Riverview; Fifth, Kolby Carter, Art City,Sixth,  Jj  Johns,
Sixth Grade:  First, Spencer Cable, Canyon; Second, Spencer Deveraux,
Riverview;  Third, Nick Springer, Spring Lake; Fourth, Colleen
Ocallaghan, Sage Creek;  Fifth, Margaret  Ocallaghan, Sage Creek;
Sixth, Joshua Lara, East Meadows.

Pictures by Jane Shoemaker and Kaleb Garnica