Just Jumpin at Art City Elementary School

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On Thursday November 3, 2016, "Just Jumpin'" came to Art City Elementary school.  They had several routines that included from two jumpers all the way up to the whole team doing something as they jumped. Just Jumpin’ is sponsored by the Intermountain Healthcare LiVe Well program which is established to help promote people to the live the healthiest lives possible.  Intermountain Heathcare has the knowledge, talent, resources, and opportunity to help people create healthy lifestyles, including healthy activities such as jump rope.  Just Jumpin’ benefits greatly from our partnership with Intermountain Healthcare and it is a vital part of our being able to successfully promote the art of jump rope as a viable form of exercise and activity.


Pictures by Gage Jeppson, Brendon Jessop, (St. Council) and Julia Murray