Jane Wilson--Crayola Crayon Recipient

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Jane Wilson, a sixth-grade student in Shana Huffaker’s sixth-grade class at Art City Elementary in Springville, Utah, was noticed for her fine art work that was completed in the monthly art program (The Great Artist Program) where parent helpers came to teach. Claudia Jex, visual art curriculum specialist,  said she noticed Jane’s talent and sent some of her artwork to the Crayola Company.  Crayola provides an art contest for students from Kindergarten through twelfth grade. Crayola representatives chose Jane’s talent to be included in their exhibit around the nation. Jane was able to choose her own art work titled, "Peaches From a Farm" done in Crayola oil pastels. Jane’s piece will be on display in the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. and their offices around the country. Jane used yellow construction paper and Crayola oil pastels.  Crayola Oil Pastels lay down bright, vivid opaque color that blends to a true secondary color. The stick is designed for children; is jumbo sized for longer lasting uses and hexagonal so it does not roll off desks. The tapered point is ideal for detail drawing. Jane did this work of art during the great artist program; pta parents came into the classrooms once a month and taught about specific artists known throughout history Jane’s picture was based on a still life artist, Paul Cezanne, which was displayed in the gym at the book fair family night.


Lana Hiskey, Jane Wilson, and Dianna Sosa