It Pays to Read

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Art City Elementary School on Friday, January 21, 2011, held their semiannual “It Pays to Read” assembly, as students read they put their names in for drawings. Students’ names are drawn out to shoot or to receive books. The students shoot from the $1line then choose teachers or our special guest, Cosmo to stand at the $2, $3, $4, and $5 line. The following students found out that it “pays” to read. (Not in order of picture) Kindergarten, Sophie Welch and Karsen Duvall; First grade Rich Durfey and Jocilyn Creighton; Second grade, Naomi Ogles and Kelsey Sumsion; Third grade, Kenna McNeil and Rebecca Walton; Fourth grade, Britton Borget and Janie Kitchen; Fifth grade, Aleah Morris and Miles Rosenberg; Sixth grade, Amanda Smith and Conner Farr. Josie Rey and Lauren Sumsion won certificates for a bike from Walmart. Special thanks to Ryan Englund from Farmers Insurance for arranging Cosmo the BYU Cougar to come and Art City PTA for money and gifts.

pictures by Jane Shoemaker and Hannah Mason