Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

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Have you filled a bucket today? This is the question that is being asked at Art City Elementary School, in Springville. At the beginning of the year Mrs. Nielsen shared a book called “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” with the faculty and staff. She told about a day when things had not started off well. When she got to school one of the students came up to her and told her how nice she looked. Instantly her day changed and her bucket was full.
The book talks about how everyone has an invisible bucket that needs filling; a bucket filler is someone who does or says something nice to you; a bucket dipper is someone who is mean to you or says mean things to you. This year Mrs. Nielsen is encouraging her students to be Bucket Fillers. When a student is caught filling another person's bucket the teacher writes that student's name on a form and places it in a bucket, at the end of the day all of the bucket filler forms are turned into the office. On Fridays Mrs. Nielsen gets her bucket and draws out 10 to 15 students to come to the office for a bucket filler sticker and a pencil. This week's Bucket Fillers are: (not pictured in order) Kaleb Wilson, 1st-grade; Kyler Jepperson, 3rd- Grade; Michelle Pioquinto, 3rd-Grade; Kapono Hiatt, 3rd-grade; Holden Richins, 3rd-grade; Monte Taylor, 4th-grade; Lindsey Kimball, 3rd-grade; Frida Gomez-Rios, 3rd-grade; Hanna Thurman, 4th-grade; Kelsey Lassiter, 4th-grade; Courtney Crookston, 1st-grade.