First Annual Invitational School Chess Tournament

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Art City Elementary in Springville hosted the First Annual Invitational School Chess Tournament on Saturday, December 11, 2010. There were 23 schools represented and 93 students attended. Thank you Mrs Lori Nielsen, Principal; Mary Lynn Lewis, David Taylor, Brett Elzinga, the Student Council and all parents who volunteered to help make this tournament happen.

The top ten schools are as follows: First, Art City Elementary (19 points), Second, Hobble Creek(13 points), Third, Sage Creek (12.5 points);Fourth, Westside (11.5); Fifth, Spring Lake (10.5); Sixth, Brookside(10 points); Seventh, Brockbank (9 points); Eighth, Spanish Oaks (8 points); Ninth, Mt. Loafer (7.5 points); Tenth Mapleton (7 points).
Students placing first through sixth:

First Grade: First, Jason Elzinga, Art City; Second, Kaden Dellamas, Brookside; Third Jacob Nadauld, Hobble Creek; Fourth, Paul Carter, Art
City; Fifth, Beckett Eames, Art City, Sixth, Ellie Taylor, Art City.

Second Grade: First, Spencer Cook, Hobble Creek; Second, Fuiva Moala, Art City; Third, Joshua Jones,Mt. Loafer; Fourth, Caden Black, Spanish Oaks; Fifth, Gavyn Douglas, Art City; Sixth; Charlie Brenchley, Art City.

 Third Grade: First, Ammon Elzinga, Art City; Second, Monte Taylor, Art City; Third, Jakob Dellamas, Brookside; Fourth, Andrew Pontious, Spanish Oaks; Fifth, Zacker Schaugaard, Brockbank; Sixth, Thomas Beckham, Westside.

 Fourth Grade: First, Jordan Johns, Mapleton; Second, Josh Leon, Taylor; Third, Kolby Carter, Art City; Fourth, Caleb Hayes, Wilson; Fifth, Devon Lopez, Goshen; Sixth, Jaiden Fisher, Art City

Fifth Grade: First, Spencer Cable, Canyon; Second, Jayden Thomas, Sage Creek; Third, Lauren Balls, Mt. Loafer; Fourth, Nicholas Bradley, Sage Creek; Fifth, Kendall Flake, Hobble Creek; Sixth, Alan Bird, Sage Creek.

Sixth Grade: First, Max Riche Art City; Second, Jeffery Taylor, Art City; Third, Steven Elzinga, Art City; Fourth, Russel Anderson, Westside; Fifth, Jimmy Fuller, Hobble Creek; Sixth, E.J. Pohahau, Canyon.

Pictures by Mary Lynn Lewis