Fifth-grade Hershey Track Meet

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On April 26, 2012, the Fifth grade students of Art City Elementary went to Hershey Track,which was held at the Springville High School track. Students run around the track, throw softballs, do thestanding long jump, meet new friends, and see other friends that go todifferent schools. A few months beforeHershey Track, the students of third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade are givena form to fill out, that have choices of events you can do. For Fifth-grade you can choose from 100 Meter, 200 Meter, 400 Meter and 800 Meter; Softball Throw and the Standing Long Jump. You will pick which race or races you want to do, and you can choose to do either both the softball throw and the standing long just, or just do one of them. Hershey Track is a really fun place to go. At the Hershey Track Meet students get to meet new friends. Everyone can't wait to go to Hershey Track next year!
This Year's Art City Elementary winners are: Mayzie Brunson 5th in the Girls 400 Meter and 5th in the Girls Softball Throw; Quenton Mortimer 1st in the Boys Long Jump, 4th in Boys 200 Meter and 5th in the Boys 400 Meter; Karter Duvall 6th in the Boys 100 Meter, and 3rd in the Boys 200 Meter; Mikayla Gee 2nd in the Girls 200 Meter and 2nd in the Girls 100 Meter; Natalie Mertz 1st in the girls 800 meter and 1st in the girls 400 meter. Addi Lister: 3rd place in girls 100m; Devin Cutler 4th place in Boys 400m; Ella Park 6th place in girls 800 meter; Kaitlyn Gee 5th place in the girls 800 meter; Adam Krieger 6th place in the boys 800 meter; and Wallin Mulipola 2nd in the Boys Long Jump.
Article by Sheridan Barton