Fancy Nancy, Thomas the Train, the Mad Hatter, Oh my!

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“Fancy Nancy’s, Thing one and Thing two, Thomas the train, Jedi’s, and
the Mad Hatter” are a few of our favorite characters.  Art City’s
first-grade celebrated their favorite characters on Wednesday, January
18, 2012.  Some students dressed as their character some students just
carried their favorite books as they marched through classrooms and
the office to share who their favorite characters are.

picture 1:  Sophie and Sydnie Welch, Thing 1 and Thing 2; Alex Price,
picture 2: Alexis Child, Fancy Nancy
picture 12:  Jack Jarvie, Pixar hero; Jordyn Watsun, Goldilocks
Picture 34:  Julia Brimhall, Fancy Nancy
Picture 42: Megan Gwilliam The Mad Hatter