District Chess Tournament Results

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On February 28, Nebo School District held their annual chess tournament at Cherry Creek Elementary School. Overall schools  First place :  Art City Elementary School ; Second place:  Reagan Academy ; Third Place:  Hobble Creek Elementary;  Fourth place:  C. H. Taylor Elementary; Fifth place:  Springville Junior; Sixth place:  Mapleton Elementary School;  Seventh place:  Orchard Hills Elementary;  Eighth place:  Cherry Creek Elementary;  Ninth Place:  Mapleton Junior; Tenth place:  East Meadows Elementary. 

12th-grade Students:  First place: Isaac Gomez; Second place:  Austin Weight; Third place:  Marshall Manesse;  Fourth place:  Scott Thomson; Fifth place:  Garth Talbot; Sixth place:  Thomas Flinders. 

7th-9th-grade students:  1st place:  Patrick Bless; 2nd Place: Zachary Derosia; 3rd Place:  Noah Rogers; 4th Place:  Hyrum Davis; 5th place:  Mason Lindstrom; 6th place:  Luke Carter; 7th place:  Nathan Bingham; 8th place:  Laren Balls: 9th place:  Kolby Carter; 10th place Emily Balls. 

Elementary Students:  Kindergarten:  1st- place:  Corbin Price; 2nd-place: Ruby Lindstrom, 3rd. place:  Tyson Tanner; 4th place:  Brigham Durfey:  5th place:  Kaylee Elzinga; 6th place: Matthew  Van Der Horst:  7th place: Kylen Nelson; 8th place:  Marshall Upp; 9th place: Fenix Graves; 10th place:  Erlyn Baker

First-Grade:  1st place:  Willie Carter, 2nd place:  Jarom Smith, 3rd place:  Elizabeth Jenkins; 4th place:  Jason Agle; 5th place:  Kaleb Sanders; 6th-place:  River Jenkins; 7th place:  Gavin Miner; 8th place:  Logan Sharp; 9th place:  Easton Durrant; 10th place:  Anne Macdonald.

Second-Grade:  1st place:  Owen Thorpe;  2nd place:  Austin Purcell; 3rd place:  Ryken Brown; 4th place:  Jeffrey Price; 5th place:  Mikel Miles; 6th-place:  Sam Killpack; 7th place:  Joshua Creer; 8th place:  Nathan Porter; 9th place:  Carter Tanner; 10th place:  Kaitlyn Steele.

Third-Grade:  1st place:  Brigham Call; 2nd place: Tommy Carter; 3rd place:  Bryce Jameson; 4th place:  Braxton Sharp; 5th place:  Oliver Unguren; 6th-place:  Nathan Westerman; 7th place:  Spencer Merrell; 8th place: Adam Jenkins; 9th place:  Kael Van Tassell; 10th place: Breyton Banks;

Fourth-Grade:  1st place: Dylan Martin;  2nd place:  Sam Bailey; 3rd place:  Jackson Kunz;  4th place:  Jordan Jenkins; 5th place:  Caleb Smith; 6th-place:  Jeston Jacobson; 7th place:  Joseph Krois; 8th place:  Clark Baker; 9th place:  Travis Gervais; 10th place:  Brock Baker;

Fifth-Grade: 1st place:  Jason Elzinga; 2nd place:  Lane Lindstrom; 3rd place:  Paul Carter; 4th place:  Jayden Mason; 5th place:  Matthew Allred; 6th-place:  J.J Kent; 7th place: Cameron Hall; 8th place:  Connor Caswell; 9th place:  Jason Flinders; 10th place:  Tanner Wise.

Sixth-Grade:  1st place:  Ben Price; 2nd place:  Jefferson Avila; 3rd place:  Detroit Kane; 4th place:  Jakob Morrison; 5th place:  Alexis Call; 6th-place: Jeanette Griffin; 7th place:  Josie Rey; 8th place: Nathan Brown; 9th place:  Samantha Waite; 10th place:  Max Fraser.

There were many parents and teachers involved to organize and officiate.  Thank you to all those who helped make the District Chess tournament a success. 


Pictures by Rylie Andreason and Marylynn Lewis