The Crystal Apple Award Goes to Cristy Bird

Submitted by julia.murray on Thu, 05/18/2017 - 14:34
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The Chrystal Apple Award was awarded to Cristy Bird, sixth-grade teacher at Art City Elementary school.  This is what her team said about her:  "I am not surprised at all that Cristy won the Crystal Apple Award. In fact, it should be called the “Cristy” Apple Award because Cristy exemplifies all the attributes necessary to deserve the reward. Here are just a few of the amazing things that I have seen Cristy do this year:  She collaborated with other teachers and found an amazing science resource that allowed us to score the highest on our end-of-year science test that we have ever gotten!  Cristy and Katie took me to lunch on my half-birthday because I was crying around about my birthday being forgotten because it is in the summer.  Cristy did several projects in Social Studies that were engaging and my students loved them including mummifying a chicken! Gross!  Cristy was our team leader this year and she really is a born leader by communicating information, making sure our team goal was achieved this year, and made each us feel like we were a part of the team.  Cristy had a great attitude all year and she has an infectious smile.  Cristy really cares about her students and she is excited to share student successes in PLC meetings!  She always comes to meetings prepared to share something new she has found.  She is also willing to share when things don’t go quite right and is able to share what she learned and what she would do differently.  Her classroom is decorated in a really engaging way and makes her students want to be in her classroom.  Cristy is an amazing lesson planner. In fact, she develops resources that are used all around the country including: a daily morning workbook, reading comprehension practice book, and end-of-year math review packet.  Not only does she care about her students, but she sincerely cares about her coworkers as well.  She finds small ways to brighten our day; whether it be a funny story, treats, or flowers--she wants to make sure we feel loved and cared for."

Written by Katie Shumway