Cougar Strong--BYU Atheletes Visit Art City Fourth-Grade

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Tuesday September 22, 2015 BYU Athletes visited Art City Elementary fourth-grade students recruiting the girls and boys to be Cougar Strong for life.  "While not everyone can be a collegiate athlete, everyone can be Cougar Strong".  The points that were shared are as follows:  Cougars are:
--Physically strong

  1. Always exercise-Get proper nutrition and rest
  2. Practice weight management
  3. Avoid harmful and addictive substances

--Mentally strong

  1. -Maintain high academic standards
  2. -be curious & teachable
  3. -think& act with integrity; Never cheat
  4. -develop a lifelong love of learning

--Socially Strong


  1. Treat others with kindness and respect
  2. Be considerate and tolerant
  3. Don't participate in or tolerate bullying
  4. Demonstrate good sportsmanship

As a reminder your students may have received a Cougar strong wristband or t-shirt  from the Cougar Club.  Students also signed posters that will be in their classrooms to remember their commitment to be Cougar strong.
For More information you may call the BYU Cougar Club or visit