Chess Club begins!!

Submitted by julia.murray on Wed, 10/21/2015 - 15:08
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Chess club begins on Tuesday October 27th and Thursday October 28th.   Chess begins at 7:55-8:25 a.m.  All students must come with listening ears and their best behavior.  We meet in the Library and other rooms as assigned.  K-3 is on Tuesday; 4-6 is on Thursday.  Advanced students attend both days. Siblings can pick Tuesday or Thursday if you want to come together.  The registration is $10 per student or $17 per family.  This fee will help provide a chess t-shirt and resources for the club.  

If you are an adult that would like to help please contact Mrs. Lewis (801-489-2820)

Chess helps promote self confidence, develops memory, logical thinking, promotes imaginations and creativity; it teaches independence, inspires self motivation, shows that success rewards hard work, chess enables you to meet interesting people.  It also is benificiary to math, technology, art, psychology, and improves school work and grades.  Chess is cheap and is FUN!