BYU Kinnect Dancers visited Art City Elementary

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BYU Kinnect Dancers visited Art City Elementary on Friday May 16, 2014, and presented a program about Heros.  Kinnect is a student outreach performance dance company with a specific focus on developing teaching, creative, and performing skills in its members. This group is carefully selected, prepared, and mentored in order to effectively teach dance as a creative process to elementary- and middle-school-age children, following the U.S. National Dance Standards and the Utah State Dance Core Curriculum. Group members meet from four to seven hours weekly to help create dance “Lecture Performances” for local public schools and museums during winter semester and the first three to four weeks of spring term.
Not only did Arty City students enjoy watching the Kinnect dancers they also enjoyed particpating in the presentation.  After the assembly, a few classes had the opportunity to meet individually with the Kinnect dancers and explore movement.  It was a fun day!  Thanks for visiting our school! 

To schedule a performance with Kinnect, please visit