Brandon Mull Visits Art City Fourth-Grade

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Mrs. Bingham's fourth-grade class have been reading many of Brandon Mull's books and learning how to write.  Mrs. Bingham was able to invite Mr. Mull to come on, March 17, 2015, to talk to the upper grades; sharing with students how he started writing and how the love of writing started to grow.  After wards Mr. Mull posed for a picture with Mrs. Bingham's class.  Later that night Brandon Mull was at Barnes and Noble for a book signing-- and many students were able to attend.  Dalton Killpack enjoy's reading Mr. Mull's books and begged his mom to take him.  We get so excitted to see "writing in action" and students transferring what they are learning in school to their life out side of school.  Thank you Mr. Brandon Mull for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to our students at Art City Elementary school in Springville, Utah. 

Pictures by Mrs. Nielsen and Mrs. Pamela Killpack