Be BYU Strong

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Tuesday October 18, 2016,  BYU Athletes, Matt Folley, number 64 on the BYU Football team, and Vanessa Moffatt, a BYU Swimmer, visited Art City Elementary; recruiting the girls and boys to be Cougar Strong for life.  "While not everyone can be a collegiate athlete, everyone can be Cougar Strong".  Matt and Vanessa talked about and demonstrated how students can be phyisically strong, mentally strong and socially strong.  Physically strong: 1. Always exercise-Get proper nutrition and rest; 2. Practice weight management;          3. Avoid harmful and addictive substances.  A few students were called up to help demonstrate the effects of smoking while participating in a "non" smoking activity.  The students were given straws and asked to plug their nose while running in place to demonstrate what it feels like if you were a smoker. "Buff don't Puff". Students also tried to beat Matt during a Push-up competition.  --Mentally strong:  1. -Maintain high academic standards; 2. -be curious & teachable; 3. -think& act with integrity; Never cheat; 4. -develop a lifelong love of learning.  "Cheaters never win, teachers are your best asset".  --Socially Strong:  1. Treat others with kindness and respect; 2. Be considerate and tolerant 3.  Don't participate in or tolerate bullying; 4. Demonstrate good sportsmanship.  There should never be bullying, if someone is being mean to you still treat them with respect. 

Students received a Cougar strong wristband and or a bookmark from the Cougar Club.  



Pictures by Katie Durfey and Emme Trunnell