Art City Peace Prize Winners 2016-2017

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Art City Elementary School has been awarding students as Peace Keepers for the past 15 years.  The students in each class vote for a person in their classroom who exibits qualities that make the school a better place.  The second grade  program  focuses on people who have made a difference in our world.  The following students at Art City Elementary school are the 2016-2017 Peace Prize winners:  Maia Kurtscheidt Abdala, Sarah Penrod, Makenzie Andreasen, Kai Boden, Analisa Elszinga, Bengamin Smith, Zach Walton, Jack Holmes, Fernanda Carrillo, Alexis White, Andrie Wasek, Morgan Nielson, Marissa Anderson, Ashlyn Busath, Brook Constantine, Jocelyn Hunt, Clara Mohlman, Joseph Rasmussen, and Baylee Fausett (not pictured).