Art City Peace Prize Winners

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Art City Elementary School has been awarding students as Peace Keepers for the past eight years.  The students in each class vote for a person in their classroom who exibits qualities that make the school a better place.  The second grade  program  focuses  on those people who   have made a difference in our world.  It started around Martin Luther King then expanded to Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, and Jackie Robinson.  Art City Peace Winners are as follows:(not in order)  First-grade:  Elise Barton, Marissa Anderson, Grace Groneman, and Aurelia Olson; Second-grade:  Richmond Durfey, Madeline Park, Gizelle Zabriskie, and Paul Carter; Third-grade:  Kala Jackson, Amanda Gardiner, Chandler Larsen, and Todd Gooch; Fourth-grade:  Kelsey Glassater, Maggie Van Orman, and Ammon Elzinga; Fifth-grade:  Jackie Durfey, Emma Wilson, Meret Bone; Sixth-grade:  Megan Martin, Mark Daybell, and Miles Rosenberg.