Art City Food Drive and Coat Exchange

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Art City Elementary School student council made posters for a food drive and coat exchange which was sponsored by the Art City PTA.  The posters they made were fabulous and very artistic.  The food went to the Kiwanis club to help needy families in Springville.  The coats donated were available for families at Art City Thursday and Friday December 8th and 9th; the left over coats were taken to another Springville school to be made available to families who needed coats.   Thank you everyone who donated coats and food.

Picture:  Student Counsel members Left to right:  Back Row: Kade
Kirkham, Chris Ohman, Jane Shoemaker, Katie Petersen, Tristan Macafee,
Megan Martin, Front Row:  Kaleb Garnica, Mark Daybell, Zach Dalley and
Kaylee Browder.


Written by Teresa Winkler