Art City Elementary School's Teacher of the Year

Submitted by julia.murray on
Ginger Dutson is a master teacher in every way. She is well known for going “above and beyond” what is expected in everything she does. She has held numerous leadership positions throughout her 14 year teaching career and serves as the Special Education Department Chair. Ginger holds a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education and special education. She also holds a Master of Education degree and several endorsements including English language learners, reading and math. She has taught regular education, English language learners, resource and self-contained students. Her focus is centered on the students and she is highly respected by her students, colleagues and parents. Gingermakes a significant contribution in bridging the gap between special education and regular education. Her expertise of special education has not only impacted Art City Elementary but colleagues in the field as well. The faculty and staff are excited to present Ginger Dutson as the 2011-2012 recipient of the Art City Elementary Teacher of the Year.