Art City Elementary Reflections

Submitted by julia.murray on Fri, 12/18/2015 - 10:49

There were many participants in this year's Reflections and at this time we would like to announce the winners in each category.   Photography:  Awards of Excellence:  "I Believe I Can Fly" by Lilly Binks; "The Ewok" by Danica Gwilliam; "Endless Possibilities" by Kimball Snapp.  Awards of Merit:  "The Stairs that Lead to the Future" by Ryan Conrad;  "Starcruiser" by Nicolas Elliott; "Princess" by Megan Gwilliam; "The Meadow of Cloudville" by Allie Harris; "Blooming Cactus" by Lilli Payne; "Through the Trees" by Ellie Taylor.  Literature:  Awards of Excellence:  "Space and Katie" by Lillian Baker; "Halloween Choices" by Katie Durfey; "Lost in Space" by Kara Lamoreaux; "Wings of Imagination" by Braelyn Newbury; Awards of Merit: "My Imagination" by Aurelia Olson;"Imagination" by Lilli Payne; "The Bumblebee" by Emmeline Trunnell;  The World Beneath our Feet" by Zachary Walton.  VISUAL ARTS  Awards of Excellence:  "Believe" by Zackary Buhler; "Space" by James Gardner; "Dragon's Flight" by Lily Holladay; "Magic Butterflies" by Celeste Jenkins; "My Happy Imagination" by Kelsie Nielson.  Awards of Merit: "In the Park" by Sarah Hubbard; "River's Rocket Ride" by River Jenkins; "Globe" by Aurelia Olson; "Best Friends" by Jane Rawle. MUSIC Award of Excellence:  “Flying Butterflies” by Morgan  Nielson; FILM Award of Excellence:  “To Mars and Back again” by Nico Elliott.  Thank you to all who submitted your Reflections projects this year.