Art City Bucket Fillers

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Have you filled a bucket today?  Art City Elementary School, in Springville, has a goal to be bucket fillers not dippers.  This week's Bucket Fillers are: (not pictured in order) Elise Barson, Spencer Park, Joshua Torres, Ryan Conrad, Kowan Vanorman, Brooke Constantine, 1st-grade; Megan Clisbee, Becca Newman, Lily Holladay, 2nd-grade; Cayden Webster, 3rd-grade; Kate Chatfield, Hunter Clarke, Mikayla Robinson, Hannah Mason, Dakota Pace,  Rebecca Walton, Royce Torres 4th-grade; Jax Harris, Austin Watts, 5th-grade; Lauren Sumsion, Jenna Sokolowski, Abby Kawai, 6th grade.